OPIUM is a synthesis of styles, mixing textures and colors. It is the use of an extraordinary designer look. This brand does not change its rules and principles laid down at the very beginning of the company's formation. It is a brand that has recently entered the market, but has already managed to take a clear position. The main advantage of the brand is the combination of freedom and luxury, recognizable design and impeccable quality due to revolutionary technologies.

   The latest OPIUM collections are vibrant and urban, inspired by the mood of street fashion. The combination of freedom and luxury in the designers’ interpretation turned into a popular youth clothing line.

Our working sphere

  Based solely on the production of stylish men's, women's and kids’ clothing, our online store sells exclusively high-quality clothing with quality materials!

An additional service that the customer can order in our store is printing of images on the clothes on order. The ways of printing: flex, flock, silk-screen printing, sublimation or direct printing on textiles.

The images presented on our website are not sold separately, and serve only as examples of how the products with the printed image may look! You can send us your images for printing by mail:

Examples of images presented on our site are only the examples and it is impossible to buy the original image! If you have your own vision of what you want to print, please contact us and we will help you to realize your plans!

All our examples of images were made by our designers or were taken from free resources. We never claim anybody’s copyrights and try our best to ensure the inviolability of any copyrights! If one of our examples of images violates your copyright and related rights, please send us an email: with the following information: 1- copies of your documents confirming your copyright to the image or its part. 2- links to the page of our site where, in your opinion, there is a violation of your copyright. 3- copies of documents that prove your identity.
4- your contact details for us to contact you.
We will certainly consider your appeal and take measures to resolve the contradictions.