Our experts will tell you which method is best for your image.

Thermal transfer from 1 pcs
In our center, you can order printing of images on clothing with your symbols by thermal transfer method. Thermal transfer is usually used when it
Manufacturing and tailoring
We create clothes which people wear with pleasure Our experience has been more than 10 years. Our clients are both small companies and companies
Silk-screen printing from 50 pcs
Silk-screen printing or as it is also called silk graphic. This is one of the first technologies for printing on fabrics. This technology is based
Embroidery from 10 pcs
Embroidery and what is it for?   Thanks to embroidery, you can always brand out clothes, apply beautiful stylish company logos, make your clothes
Direct printing from 1 pcs
What is ‘a direct digital printing’? ‘Digital textile printing’ in the English translation implies that it is a direct digital printing on textiles
Sublimation from 10 pcs
The method of indirect printing of full-color images on products made of ceramics, porcelain, earthenware, glass, metal and plastic, on which a