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- We produce high quality T-shirts, sweatshirts and other corporate clothing.
- Branded corporate clothing for your employees - the status of your company
- Branding any clothing with your company logos
- We will professionally advise and advise how best to sew and which printing method to choose


Direct printing from 1 pc
Direct digital printing, what is it? Translated from English, "digital textile printing" means that it is direct digital printing on textiles. DTG
Замовити Футболку з Логотипом
Футболки з Логотипом: Створюйте Власний Бренд   Футболки з логотипом вже давно виявилися справжньою скарбницею для компаній, що бажають підкреслити
ДТФ друк
ДТФ "DTF" друк, що це? DTF (Direct To Film) — це, одна з останніх технологій друку на тканині. Брендування методом ДТФ друку дозволяє друкувати
Thermal transfer from 1 pcs
In our center, you can order printing of images on clothing with your symbols by thermal transfer method. Thermal transfer is usually used when it
Друк на футболках
Друк на футболках в нашому PRINTING CENTER "OPIUM" Друк на футболках виконаємо від одної футболкі. Надрукуємо будь-які зображення, логотипи,
Друк на одязі та текстилі
  Про друк на одязі та текстилі. Друк на одязі та текстилі - це ефективний спосіб зробити рекламу свого бренду, продукту чи послуги.
Друк на худі та світшотах
Друк на худі та світшотах.     Друк на худі та світшотах - це стильний та популярний спосіб виразити свою індивідуальність, підтримати команду,
Manufacturing and tailoring
We create clothes which people wear with pleasure Our experience has been more than 7 years. Our clients are both small companies and companies with
Embroidery from 10 pcs
Embroidery and what is it for?   Thanks to embroidery, you can always brand out clothes, apply beautiful stylish company logos, make your clothes
Silk-screen printing from 50 pcs
Silk-screen printing or as it is also called silk graphic. This is one of the first technologies for printing on fabrics. This technology is based
Друк на кепках
Друк на кепках Друк на кепках можуть замовляти різні люди та організації, які хочуть мати унікальний аксесуар зі своїм логотипом, написом або
Sublimation from 10 pcs
The basis of sublimation technology   - the process of thermal sublimation of solid inks. The paint under the action of temperatures turns into a
Друк на торбах
Друк на торбах, сумках, екосумках Друк на сумках - це не просто рекламний інструмент. Це виявлення індивідуальності, створення унікального образу та
New items
S   M   L
Жіночий білий оверсайз світшот на флісі - Revolutionary girl
1 399 UAH
XS   S   M   L   XL   2XL
Чоловіча чорна футболка oversize - Winnie
960 UAH
M   L   XL
Худі чоловіче на замку OPIUM SKULL
2 900 UAH
M   L   XL   2XL
Чоловіча чорна майка з принтом Акули
699 UAH
M   L   XL
Чоловічі шорти кольору хакі з принтом Mickey
770 UAH
S   M   L   XL
Оверсайз чоловічі чорні шорти OPIUM
780 UAH
S-M   M-L
Жіноча чорна футболка Oversize - Catrina
820 UAH
XS-S   M-L
Жіночий білий кроп - топ "Immortal Style"
599 UAH
M   L   XL
Чоловіче чорне худі з принтом Opium Skull red
1 550 UAH
XS   S   M   L   XL   2XL
Чоловіча футболка oversize Life is drug
720 UAH
M   L   XL
Чоловіче сіре худі з шевроном "OPIUM DRUG"
1 300 UAH
XS-S   M-L
Жіноче чорне худі Gang Opium
1 550 UAH
Why choose us?

Experience with clothes
more than 10 years

We use only high-quality, proven fabrics and paints.

Individual approach to each client - from the development of the sketch to the packaging of products

Prompt execution of orders — 1-2 business days

Ordering is easy!

Select the type of product to print

Select the color and type of product, manufacturer and quantity

Select a product with a print or upload your logo

You have the opportunity to choose a product with a print from our collections or send your logo to print.

Checkout in 2 clicks

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Printing on T-shirts, printing on clothes in Kyiv

Printing on T-shirts, skinny, printing on fabrics.
All types of printing on clothes in "Opium" "Printing center"

Opium Printing Center is an expert on the Ukrainian market in the field of printing on clothing and tailoring corporate clothing to order with the application of corporate images and inscriptions. We work in Kiev, and we send orders all over Ukraine.

Our Printing center provides embroidery and printing on clothing and other textiles, as well as the production of overalls with a custom logo. The center employs:

● designers who develop layouts and adjust client sketches if necessary;

● printing masters who have all modern technologies of image transfer different types of fabrics;

● seamstresses engaged in the manufacture of T-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, skinny and other clothing for private and corporate clients.

We have dedicated more than 10 years to this business, purchased and mastered professional modern equipment, and established the supply of quality paints and consumables. Opium Printing Center has already selected many Kyiv companies, including manufacturing, cafes and restaurants, service establishments, etc.

Printing on T-shirts and other clothing, as well as accessories
Logo printing on clothing and accessories is in demand for companies that value quality branding. This applies to the staff of food establishments, beauty and SPA centers, child development clubs, gyms, workshops, trade facilities, etc. Applying a logo on overalls increases brand awareness and is an effective advertisement.

An individual print on a T-shirt, T-shirt, sweatshirt or other products can also be a great gift. And both to himself and to a loved one.

You can order thermal transfer printing, sublimation, direct printing on fabric and silk-screen printing from us.

print t-shirt

Assortment of clothes for printing

Our company has its own store where you can buy clothes for printing or things with a printed image. The extended catalog includes clothing for women, men and children, as well as universal options.

We print on custom-made clothing made of natural and synthetic fabrics. We print inscriptions, logos, monochrome and multicolored pictures on the following types of clothing:

● hoodies; ● raglans;
● T-shirts; ● skinny;
● mothers; ● sweatshirts;
● polo; ● caps.
You can also order eco bags with and without a print from us.

Advantages of sewing and printing on clothes from "Opium" Printing center
Opium Printing Center has been operating in Kyiv for more than 10 years, during which time it has never used the services of distributors. We deal with technical and organizational issues, work directly with clients. This provides you with the following benefits:

● Respond quickly to requests and questions, provide support throughout the collaboration, including designer advice.

● We offer prices below average, because we have no costs for intermediaries.

● Quickly fulfill orders of any circulation, as well as make a test sample.

● Confident in the result, because all the responsibility for it lies with us.

● We guarantee high quality, as we personally perform and control all processes, as well as use quality and safe fabrics, dyes and consumables.

You can always visit our office in Kyiv to get acquainted with the samples, catalog and certification. We have all kinds of payments, regular promotions and discounts, and special offers for regular customers. We organize delivery of the order to all regions of Ukraine.

How to order printing on T-shirts and other clothes and tailoring in Kiev and Ukraine.
To order printing on clothes or making overalls with a logo, contact us in a way convenient for you:

● Call manager.

● Application by e-mail.

● Personal meeting in the office.

After agreeing on the details and approving the layout, we will immediately begin to fulfill your order.