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What is ‘a direct digital printing’?

‘Digital textile printing’ in the English translation implies that it is a direct digital printing on textiles. DTG printing is a method of applying an image to a fabric with a special printer. The printer puts the image on the fabric on a straight line, without any additional preparatory work.

Digital printing is by far the most modern printing technology on T-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothes. Special inks are used for printing on textiles. The printer prints the image directly onto the fabric. After printing, the image is soft, the fabric continues to breathe, this print can withstand more than 30 - 50 washes without significant loss of quality if you comply with the recommendations for care of clothing.

Eco-friendly water-based inks are used for printing.

What we offer to our customers:

  • Development of a corporate style and branding of clothes for your company
  • Printing your company’s logos and slogans on T-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothes for you and your employees
  • Printing everything you want on T-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothes

Advantages of this printing method

  • optical resolution up to 1440х1440 dpi
  • maximum print size 40 х 50 cm
  • this printing technology has the following advantages: low cost with small runs, printing speed, the ability to personalize each individual print 
  • very high level of detailing is several times higher than thermal transfer and silk screen printing (silkgraphy)
  • the ability to print smooth gradients and halftones that cannot be printed with thermal transfer and silk-screen printing methods. 

Prices for direct digital printing

 On white fabricsOn colored fabrics
А3+140 uah220 uah
А3130 uah210 uah
А490 uah180 uah
А570 uah120 uah
А660 uah90 uah


* The prices on the site are approximate. For a more accurate calculation, please contact our managers. Exact prices depend on the number of copies, effects used when printing, from the layout itself........

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