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Embroidery and what is it for?


Thanks to embroidery, you can always brand out clothes, apply beautiful stylish company logos, make your clothes whether it be a baseball cap, T-shirt, sweatshirt or branded bomber jacket stylish and recognizable.

Embroidery logos always highlight the status of your clothes, the clothes of your employees and the level of your company.

Modern embroidery has ceased to be that difficult, time-consuming task. Nowadays it can be done thanks to the modern equipment in the shortest possible time.


What we offer to our customers:

  • Development of a paste-up for embroidering your logo, slogan...
  • Embroidery on your clothing
  • Providing trial embroidery design

3D Embroidery


  • Modern 3D embroidery is a special embroidery technology. It became possible to get very beautiful 3D effects, thanks to the fact that embroidery is done on the special back blocks. 3D-embroidery on baseball caps, chevrons, T-shirts and sweatshirts is very popular. 3D machine embroidery can decorate shoes, clothes and other accessories.
  • 3d-embroidery will always attract attention, will always be visible and emphasize the status. 



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