Sewing of corporate clothes

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We create clothes which people wear with pleasure

Our experience has been more than 7 years. Our clients are both small companies and companies with a large number of employees.

We know the needs of each company and help to put into life the product that you need.

- Tailoring with an individual approach.

- Manufacturing base patterns + gradation.

- Sewing a prototype.

- Providing opportunities in the design of your clothing line.

  • How to calculate the cost of tailoring?

  • How to place an order for sewing T-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies?

  • Where to start?


Don't worry, we will answer all your questions and suggest the best solutions.

Advantages of cooperation with OPIUM.

  • We have gained experience for more than 7 years, tailoring is one of the main activities of our company.
  • We have the opportunity to offer the widest range of quality knitted fabrics for sewing T-shirts, sweatshirts and other corporate clothing.
  • Production capacity and modern equipment allows us to fulfill orders in a timely and high quality manner.
  • We always pay special attention to quality tailoring and clothing.
  • We pay special attention to technological requirements.
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Sewing of corporate clothes

Sewing of corporate clothes

Corporate clothing is a significant element of the corporate identity of any company and institution. It reflects not only the color scheme, but also the general policy of the organization. For example, sewing T-shirts is suitable for fast food establishments, children's centers, supermarkets, i.e. the service sector, where the client gets pleasure and comfort, where there is no serious undertone. Sewing sweatshirts is relevant for employees of trade facilities, warehouses, logistics, cargo transportation, workshops and other companies in which employees are in cool rooms, often on the street. Sewing corporate clothes in a warm version is also needed for the service sector, because with the onset of cold weather even indoors it is not always comfortable to wear a T-shirt. Opium Printing cent. is engagedproduction of T-shirts , hoodies, baseball caps and other elements of corporate clothing to order. We not only sew, but also print logos, names or company prints on every item.

Why do you need T-shirts and hoodies for a company ?

Sewing corporate clothing solves different problems:

     Increases customer loyalty to the company. When they come to an establishment or apply for services, they easily recognize your employees among other people. This eliminates the discomfort when looking for who to turn to with a question, and creates the feeling that the client is surrounded by specialists.

     Increases team cohesion. There is less difference in social status between employees. Plus, wearing the same clothes creates a sense of belonging to a single team working for the benefit of one project.

     Provides staff convenience. T-shirts and sweatshirts do not hinder movement. For sewing we use breathable materials that wick moisture away, therefore in corporate clothing from "Opium" Printing cent. your employees will be pleased to work a few hours every day.

     Increases brand awareness. T-shirts and sweatshirts for the company play a significant role in this regard. For example, if you send a master on a home call, his clothes with your company logo will be seen not only by clients, but also by other people on the street. Every time they visit your establishment, customers will see the logo and name on the uniform of employees, which means that the brand will be remembered even more by them.

Here you can order sewing of T-shirts , hoodies, caps and other elements of corporate clothing with the development of individual patterns. We will make a batch in any quantity, including wholesale, while maintaining the high quality of the product. The production of sweatshirts and other clothing provides for tailoring in different sizes according to your order so that the uniform fits perfectly on the employees.

Types of corporate clothing

We carry out tailoring of hoodies and T-shirts to order for various fields:







     production, etc.

At the Opium Printing cent. you can order sewing sweatshirts in Kiev for waiters, managers, sellers, cooks, cashiers, couriers, craftsmen, drivers, consultants, etc. For each area and even organization, the form elements will be different. Most often it includes hoodies, T-shirts, polos, aprons, sweatshirts, jackets and hats.

On corporate clothing, especially on T-shirts for the company, we apply the logo, name, brand symbols using silk-screen printing, thermal transfer, direct and sublimation printing. We pre-develop the layout and agree with you on the color scheme, size and placement.