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The basis of sublimation technology


- the process of thermal sublimation of solid inks. The paint under the action of temperatures turns into a gaseous state and thus paints the carrier itself.

The gaseous substance penetrates deep into the treated surface and condenses there.

Under the action of high temperatures, paint particles literally coalesce with the upper layers of the material. The result is a pattern resistant to mechanical influences and repeated washing.

It is possible to print in this way on almost any subject: interior racks, flags, bags, diplomas and textiles.

Advantages of sublimation printing:

  • Resistance of drawing to fading and numerous washings.
  • Photographic sharpness of prints: it is possible to make multicolor images with difficult graphics.
  • Absence of the stage of washing of forms at which toxic solutions are used. Therefore, sublimation is much more environmentally friendly than silkscreen printing.
  • You can order any circulation - large and small.
  • Savings on staff training. The simplicity of the technology does not require special training from employees.
  • Obtaining a through double-sided image due to deep dyeing of the fabric. This property is especially valuable in the manufacture of flags.
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