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In our center, you can order printing of images on clothing with your symbols by thermal transfer method.

  • Thermal transfer is usually used when it is necessary to apply both one image, for example, your company logo and print up to tens of thousands of images.

Thermal transfer printing method is ideal for printing on clothes, umbrellas, bags, etc.

Production time is usually one or two working days, it all depends on the circulation and load in the production.

What we offer to our customers:

  • Development of a corporate style and branding of clothes for your company
  • Printing your company’s logos and slogans on T-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothes for you and your employees
  • Great opportunities for applying your symbols with various effects (gloss, matte, 3D elements)

A large range of colors allows you to achieve the desired result.

3D, velvet, matte, glossy and mirror films will help to realize any of your design decisions.

We have a large variety of colors for your prints! More than 1000 colors and effects: 3D, matte, velvet, glossy and mirror films will help to make the image on your clothes exclusive and stylish.




А3+165 uah190 uah210 uah215 uah
А3160 uah175 uah190 uah205 uah
А4120 uah135 uah155 uah170 uah
А590 uah100 uah120 uah140 uah
А670 uah90 uah100 uah110 uah

* The prices on the site are approximate. For a more accurate calculation, please contact our managers. Exact prices depend on the number of copies, effects used when printing, from the layout itself........


- If your order is more than 10-15 images, prices are negotiated and may change.

- All prices are only for the seal itself, excluding the product itself.


Thermal transfer technology allows printing on clothing such vector images as text, logos up to 4 colors. A special film is used for printing images on textiles, which is fixed with the help of a thermal press.

Thermal transfer of images onto clothing in just a few minutes!

Send us your sketches and we will put them on clothes as soon as possible.

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