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Silk-screen printing or as it is also called silk graphic.

This is one of the first technologies for printing on fabrics. This technology is based on the application of layers of paint on the printed surface through a special photostencil fixed on a synthetic or silk mesh.

Designers and experts believe that silk-screen printing is an exquisite printing method.


What we offer to our customers:

  • Development of a corporate style and branding of clothes for your company
  • Printing your company’s logos and slogans on T-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothes for you and your employees
  • Great opportunities for applying your symbols with various effects (gloss, matte, 3D elements)

Our technological capacity allows you to print using screen-printing from 50 to tens of thousands of products in the shortest possible time on a high-quality equipment, taking into account and using all modern printing technologies.

What are the advantages of this ancient method of silk-screen printing?

  • Due to the fact that the paint can be laid in different thicknesses and structure, it is possible to achieve various effects in the printing with the silk-screen printing method. This is especially in demand when creating the design of company symbols and clothing.
  • Silk-screen printing will always be resistant to many factors such as burnout, erasure and many other external influences. Clothing with such an image will retain its original appearance over the years.
  • Using silk-screen printing to print images opens up many possibilities for printing on surfaces such as any cloth, paper, plastic, metal and glass.

Like many other printing methods, silk screening also has some disadvantages. What are these disadvantages?

  • Like many other printing methods, silk screening also has some disadvantages. What are these disadvantages?
    •    The cost part of typographic plates’ production raises the cost of small runs, but with a circulation of 50 images, there is nothing more profitable than screen-printing.
    •    Relatively longer production time.
      The final decision on what type of printing you should use after comparing all the advantages and disadvantages and identifying the result you expect.

    Our specialists will be happy to advise you on selecting exactly the type of printing method you like.


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* The prices on the site are approximate. For a more accurate calculation, please contact our managers. Exact prices depend on the number of copies, effects used when printing, from the layout itself........

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